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Rizochem Pharmaceuticals

Premarin Vaginal Cream 0.625mg

Premarin -: اسم تجاري

Pfizer Ltd -: المصنوعات

Cream -: برزنتيشن

0.625mg -: سطرينجث


Introduction for Premarin Vaginal Cream

For female sex, Premarin Vaginal Cream, a hormone, is used (estrogen). Hot flushes and vaginal dryness, two symptoms of low oestrogen, can be treated with it as part of female hormone replacement therapy.

Premarin Vaginal Cream should be applied to the entire vagina as prescribed by the doctor. You should continue to take the medication precisely as prescribed even if your symptoms go better.

When using this medication for the first time, you can feel itchy or irritated. In most cases, if you use it frequently, it disappears. Additionally, you may experience abdominal discomfort, a genital rash, vaginal thrush, and headaches (candidiasis). Inform your doctor right away if you begin bleeding while pregnant. Your doctor might suggest that you undergo a different type of treatment.

Tell your doctor if you’ve ever had unexplained vaginal bleeding or a blood clot in your legs or lungs before using this drug. As soon as you start using this medication, schedule regular visits so that you can discuss the benefits of your therapy with your doctor. It should not interfere with any other prescription medications, despite the fact that it is typically not advised to consume when pregnant or nursing.


with the use of hormone replacement treatment

Hot flashes, dry vagina, and decreased sex drive are menopause symptoms that can be treated with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This treatment can significantly enhance your mood and quality of life, given that menopause might endure for a number of years. One of the two primary hormones utilised in this treatment, along with progesterone, is oestrogen. Vaginal tablets and gels make it simple to release hormones, even though they might not be able to address all problems. If your doctor has given the okay, you should take this medication exactly as directed.

Some facts about Premarin Vaginal Cream.

What are the functions of Premarin Vaginal Cream?

Oestrogens are included in Premarin Vaginal Cream, a vaginal moisturiser (a female sex hormones). It is used to treat oestrogen deficiency-related vaginal problems like itchiness, dryness, and irritation. It may also be used as hormone replacement treatment in postmenopausal women.

How is Premarin Vaginal Cream supposed to be used?

For this form of cream or gel, the applicator and usage guidelines are often supplied. The affected area must be cleansed and dried before applying the lotion. Use this medication only as prescribed by your doctor. Use no more than what has been advised.

If I don’t use the Premarin Vaginal Cream, what happens?

You should use the missing dose as soon as you remember it, unless you are more than 12 hours late. If you are more than 12 hours late, skip the missed dose and carry on with the regular dosing schedule.

Which typical side effects could Premarin Vaginal Cream have?

Negative reactions from Premarin Vaginal Cream are uncommon. It’s possible that the skin on or near the vagina will first feel irritated or itchy, but this usually goes away after a few weeks. Additional side effects include a headache, flu-like symptoms, a skin rash, breast pain, and an increase in vaginal discharge. Most of these symptoms are temporary, but if they persist, talk to your doctor.


Premarin Vaginal Cream contains oestrogens in combination (a female sex hormone). By restoring equilibrium to the oestrogen levels in menopausal women’s bodies, it functions as a component of hormone replacement therapy. It also delays the ageing and excessive drying of the vaginal wall, reducing discomfort.

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